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First blog entry goes to.. KylieCosmetics

So, the reason I started this blog is that I want to share and give you information about the products I use and tried out. When I thought of a BOOM from the past year, I came up thinking of Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks of course!


Kylie Jenner wearing “Koko K”

Why? Kylie established her own make-up and cosmetic empire during the past year. I know that she also released her own eyeliners and eye shadow palettes by now but the thing started with some shades of her matte liquid lipstick, I guess.

I must admit that I totally had to get one of her lipsticks to try them out.. I am really loving her style! The first shade I got was “Koko K”. I ordered it online last summer and sure, I payed around 15$ just for the shipping and around 30$ for the lipstick + lip liner itself. But that was totally okay. I was just happy because they were sold out SO fast at that time.

I was so happy when they arrived at my house!!!!! The packaging was just awesome and the little personal message from Kylie (even though its just printed like for everybody, lol) was quite charming. The “Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner” is a set consisting of the liquid lipstick and the lip liner – identical shades but the lip liner is important for outlining the lips.


Tadaaa, that’s me wearing it right after I got the delivery. 🙂 I gotta say I was super satisfied with the color of Koko K (totally matches Khloé Kardashian, the lippy was obviously dedicated to her). It smelled nice but…. after a while, let’s say 30min to an hour, it just faded from my lips. I mean the color faded in the middle of my lips and was just left at the outer lines. That looked not so nice and clearly said it dried out my lips and even looked like that. But still…. nice color.

After that I got more shades of Kylie’s lipsticks but I will write another post about it. 🙂 Because that might take some time, haha.


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