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What I think about NYX.. + Swatches

For my second blog entry I thought about something that came out of nowhere here in Germany and is still a trend. Personally, I didn’t know about NYX and its soft matte lip creams until they were available at Douglas. All the girls trying to get one and looking for the perfect shade, I was thinking “is it really that good?”.

Surely, the price is attractive. You can get the soft matte lip creams for around 7€ at either Douglas (here) or at DM (here) while DM is just a little bit cheaper (talking for German shops).

So, I decided to get some as well. I started with the shade “Milan” (see the pinkish one below) and bought “London” (the brown one) shortly after. I liked pinkish tones, cause I am quite pale and it matches my skin tone. Plus I think it suits every blonde woman!

That was the first time I tried some brown-ish lipstick and also the NYX ones were my first MATTE lipsticks. With these two I was so satisfied and wore them nearly everyday.

By now I got some different colors which I thought match to my pale skin.


From left to right you can see: Tokyo, Milan, San Paulo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Abu Dhabi. Oh, on the top left you see another Matte Lipstick which is not liquid but also nice. On the very right is one shade of NYX Lingerie lipstick in the shade Embellishment. I was a bit disappointed of the Lingerie shade cause it makes me look dull.

I decided to add swatches of the shades I got so far for you guys. I also added two Lip Liners I got by NYX besides the lipsticks I mentioned and showed above:


I gotta add, that some shades I just used one time until now (Copenhagen and Abu Dhabi) have dried out so fast in the bottle, even though it’s not so long ago when I bought them.. 😦

So, what I’d say to these is:

  • Price: Is totally okay. You don’t really regret buying it even if it’s not THE lipstick for you.
  • Quality: Meeh. I think they smell nice and have pretty colours, each one of them. But the color is not really lasting. They don’t crackle like the Koko K Kylie Lipstick, which I’ve wrote about here in my first blog entry. But I guess one cannot really complain about it cause the price is fair enouh.
  • One big plus!: NYX is a self-declared cruelty-free brand. Yay!

All in all, NYX is an affordable drugstore brand which I wouldn’t want to miss in my make-up organizer. They are fine for everyday-life but surely they are not for the “fancy going-out-evenings” in my opinion.


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