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“Beauty Diet”: Contradictions with using too many Skin Care-products

Hello again,

only some days ago I wrote an introduction of how to master the Korean Skin Care routine for those of you who didn’t know or just wanted to know more about it.

As you can read in that entry, I suggested some 8 essential steps for your Skin Care routine. The order of these steps I’ve been taught by Korean friends, tutorials and magazines as well. Like I presented it to you, it’s been a mixture of all advices I got within quite a time and it’s the way how the Skin Care routine works best for me.

Now there’s another side of the medal, which is surely worth talking about: Not everyone in Korea recommends using as much products like in these steps described before. Nowadays, a lot of Koreans who actually did the huge Skin Care routines on a daily basis are now getting “minimalistic”. It’s hard to find any English information about it on the internet but it’s easy to find in Korean. If you’re able to understand Korean feel free to have a look at this article:

화장품도 다이어트가 필요해요

In this article it is explained how Korean Make-Up Artists even advise a “Beauty diet” for your skin. Many young people are tending to the trend of being Minimalists in terms of using beauty prodcts – and the number of them is increasing. It just means that they only use the products their skin really needs: e.g. one cream, one serum, one lotion at a time. That is their new Skin Care routine. Korean Make-Up Artists explain that using too much products could cause trouble indeed for your skin. In this way it won’t help your skin but rather just irritate it.

I found this view very interesting, just because I started doing the whole Skin Care routine using 7-8 products at a time and it actually made me doubt the way I’m doing it now.

What’s the result of doing the extended Skin Care routine anyways?

I must say, after each step my skin feels really good. Especially when using the Toner and Emulsion, I think I will stick to these two products whatever may happen. Just when I applied the Toner and Emulsion, the Serum after it (even if I wait for some minutes) doesn’t feel so right. The Serum itself is deeply hydrating but maybe all the formulas together don’t work so well. I also heard before, that just using a Serum as your one and only Skin care product sometimes works pretty fine, too. But for me personally, it’s not a good layer of moisture before applying make-up. So I’d have to go with the Emulsion or a thicker Cream at least. You should also note: if you were wondering maybe why your make-up doesn’t last the whole day and is “disappearing” or getting smudgy during the day – using too much Skin Care products before applying make-up will make it fade faster. Your make-up won’t be setted on its place because there’s too much product under it. Try to apply just a sparse amount of skin care products if you’re going to make-up your face.

Since I’ve done the extended version of the Skin Care routine for some weeks now, I can’t even really say that my skin got better. It just feels nice when applying the products. But as for now, I couldn’t tell whether my skin gained something from it or if it is even irritating my skin, like I mentioned before. My skin is not looking better, but that might be influenced by the cold weater we still have here, too.

So, you should try to find a routine that works well for you – no matter in which extent. I definitely still recommend doing these steps of a Skin Care routine, but (!) if you notice it’s too much for your skin then try to reduce the amount of products used. I’m also trying to find a healthy compromise in this topic. 🙂 We can learn everyday from it and everyone has  another skin type which needs to be cared of in a very individual way.

Next time I will introduce more products to you which definitely worked well for me, even when I didn’t start to have a Skin Care routine to that extent yet. It’ll concern high-end and low-end-products as well. 🙂

See you then!


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