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Kylie Lipkits Swatches, where to buy + Availability


I was thinking that I should introduce the other Kyle Lipkits I got plus their Glosses. As I wrote in my first blog entry, the first one I bought was “Koko K” last summer, a rather nude pinkish Lipstick with a grey undertone. After that, I ordered “Mary Jo K” a few weeks later cause I was looking for a nice matte red lipstick. Mary Jo K is a true blue red, and it looks like this ⇓ on the website of Kylie Cosmetics.


I was really satisfied with the quality of this red lipstick. As I wrote before, Koko K didn’t last for long on the lips and it crackled in a not so pretty way. But really, I can swear to you, Mary Jo K lasts the whole day!! I wore it on a wedding party, from morning to the middle of the night and it seriously did its job. No need for applying it a second time. I was surprised! I can say without doubt that is the BEST red matte lipstick I own. Probably the best matte lipstick of all colors I got. You can see more pics later in this post.

I’ve got two matching Glosses for free when I ordered “Candy K” and “Posie K” at the end of last year. It was something like a Christmas special, when I remember right. So, the Glosses are named the same as the matte liquid lipsticks. Here you see some pictures of all 4 different lipsticks and their glosses I got.

And to sum it up, here are the swatches from the website for these 4 shades:

From left to right: Mary Jo K, Candy K, Koko K, Posie K.

And this is what they look like at home 🙂 :


From bottom to the top: Candy K, Posie K, Koko K, Mary Jo K + Candy K Gloss and Posie K Gloss.

You see, after taking a picture of my arm I wanted to wash the colors away but look how water-proof they actually are!!!!! I was again amazed by all of them. 😀


And last but not least… don’t forget the Lip Liners of each Lip Kit!

Now, what do they look like when worn?

In these two pictures I’m wearing Candy K. I prefer Candy K before Koko K! Because it doesn’t crackle as Koko K and the color quite matches with my skintone 🙂 sorry for the Snapchat-Pic anyways. 😉

On the left I’m wearing Koko K and on the right Mary Jo K. These photos are a bit old as you can see, I’ve turned completely blonde by now. 😀

So, I would say 3 of 4 lipsticks are really great!! Actually I like the tones of all 4 of them but the crackling of Koko K ist just a no-go. But as I heard they changed the formula of the Lipsticks after a lot of complaining by customers, that’s why I guess the 3 ones I got after that work just fine. They are long-lasting, don’t fade if you eat and drink something and for matte lipsticks they don’t even look too dry, which is an often seen side-effect of so many matte lipsticks by various brands..

Unfortunate fact: KylieCosmetics doesn’t ship to Germany anymore. By that time when I got the Lip Kits + 2 free Glosses it already was like that but luckily a friend bought them for me in the US anyways. For me, I guess that was the last purchasing of KylieCosmetics-products in the soon future…..?! 😦 When I found out about that, I’ve sent an E-Mail to the customer service of KylieCosmetics to really find out what’s going on. I got an answer right away and the nice lady told me that it’s because of the German Laws.. it seems like some contents of the formula in their lipsticks doesn’t go along with the German Law, lol. That’s why and they won’t be able to change this situation until the laws here would be changed. Soooo…. guess that won’t be happening any time soon. Sad thing! If there’s a way or if they will be allowed here again I will surely buy more shades and upload the experience with them here.

BE AWARE OF FAKES SOLD AT ONLINE SHOPS AS AMAZON AND EBAY! It’s no secret that they are getting copied and sold as the “original ones” but don’t trust them. If not at the Kylie Cosmetics store in the US or at their Online shop, they are not sold ANYWHERE!

If you’re not living in Germany, you can order their products on their online shop and they’re being shipped to so many countries. Again, have a look at KylieCosmetics.com if you really want to purchase their make-up. 🙂 it’s worth it!!

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What I think about NYX.. + Swatches

For my second blog entry I thought about something that came out of nowhere here in Germany and is still a trend. Personally, I didn’t know about NYX and its soft matte lip creams until they were available at Douglas. All the girls trying to get one and looking for the perfect shade, I was thinking “is it really that good?”.

Surely, the price is attractive. You can get the soft matte lip creams for around 7€ at either Douglas (here) or at DM (here) while DM is just a little bit cheaper (talking for German shops).

So, I decided to get some as well. I started with the shade “Milan” (see the pinkish one below) and bought “London” (the brown one) shortly after. I liked pinkish tones, cause I am quite pale and it matches my skin tone. Plus I think it suits every blonde woman!

That was the first time I tried some brown-ish lipstick and also the NYX ones were my first MATTE lipsticks. With these two I was so satisfied and wore them nearly everyday.

By now I got some different colors which I thought match to my pale skin.


From left to right you can see: Tokyo, Milan, San Paulo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Abu Dhabi. Oh, on the top left you see another Matte Lipstick which is not liquid but also nice. On the very right is one shade of NYX Lingerie lipstick in the shade Embellishment. I was a bit disappointed of the Lingerie shade cause it makes me look dull.

I decided to add swatches of the shades I got so far for you guys. I also added two Lip Liners I got by NYX besides the lipsticks I mentioned and showed above:


I gotta add, that some shades I just used one time until now (Copenhagen and Abu Dhabi) have dried out so fast in the bottle, even though it’s not so long ago when I bought them.. 😦

So, what I’d say to these is:

  • Price: Is totally okay. You don’t really regret buying it even if it’s not THE lipstick for you.
  • Quality: Meeh. I think they smell nice and have pretty colours, each one of them. But the color is not really lasting. They don’t crackle like the Koko K Kylie Lipstick, which I’ve wrote about here in my first blog entry. But I guess one cannot really complain about it cause the price is fair enouh.
  • One big plus!: NYX is a self-declared cruelty-free brand. Yay!

All in all, NYX is an affordable drugstore brand which I wouldn’t want to miss in my make-up organizer. They are fine for everyday-life but surely they are not for the “fancy going-out-evenings” in my opinion.

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First blog entry goes to.. KylieCosmetics

So, the reason I started this blog is that I want to share and give you information about the products I use and tried out. When I thought of a BOOM from the past year, I came up thinking of Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks of course!


Kylie Jenner wearing “Koko K”

Why? Kylie established her own make-up and cosmetic empire during the past year. I know that she also released her own eyeliners and eye shadow palettes by now but the thing started with some shades of her matte liquid lipstick, I guess.

I must admit that I totally had to get one of her lipsticks to try them out.. I am really loving her style! The first shade I got was “Koko K”. I ordered it online last summer and sure, I payed around 15$ just for the shipping and around 30$ for the lipstick + lip liner itself. But that was totally okay. I was just happy because they were sold out SO fast at that time.

I was so happy when they arrived at my house!!!!! The packaging was just awesome and the little personal message from Kylie (even though its just printed like for everybody, lol) was quite charming. The “Matte Liquid Lipstick & Lip Liner” is a set consisting of the liquid lipstick and the lip liner – identical shades but the lip liner is important for outlining the lips.


Tadaaa, that’s me wearing it right after I got the delivery. 🙂 I gotta say I was super satisfied with the color of Koko K (totally matches Khloé Kardashian, the lippy was obviously dedicated to her). It smelled nice but…. after a while, let’s say 30min to an hour, it just faded from my lips. I mean the color faded in the middle of my lips and was just left at the outer lines. That looked not so nice and clearly said it dried out my lips and even looked like that. But still…. nice color.

After that I got more shades of Kylie’s lipsticks but I will write another post about it. 🙂 Because that might take some time, haha.