Hello, I’m happy you found this Blog.

My name is Selin and I live in Germany. I’m advanced in Japanese and Korean and want to use my language skills with cosmetic and make-up experiences. Here you go, my new hobby!

So, I decided to spend my spare time with the thing I like the most – make-up and cosmetics.

When I was younger I really never cared for make-up or looking girly in any way. It’s now been around 3-4 years since I’ve been passionate about make-up products.

My major is Japanese and I have been interested in that country and its culture since I was a child. But this blog is not about Japan – I am so into Korean cosmetics and make-ups. I’ve been to South Korea and am by now married to a Korean man. Since I’ve been there I can’t stop checking out the latest make-up products and techniques by various brands and watching make-up and skin care-routine-tutorials.

I decided to post in English and Korean as well. I have so many friends in Korea wondering which products are popular and well-used in Germany or Europe in general. That’s the reason why I will write my posts in Korean as good as I can. 🙂 On the other hand I have friends here in Germany and they never knew about the fame of Korean cosmetics – until now! All your questions will be answered here (if I’ve got an answer, yep!) and I will recommend products from both side. I post about the usage, price, quality etc. of each product that becomes a topic here. I will also tell you where you can get the products I show you (or at least I will try and find that out for you). Have fun and enjoy!